• Rachel Burton

Pregnant and Beautiful

I love maternity photography, nearly as much as I love newborns. One of the goals I set myself for this year was to make maternity photography a focus. It is such a massive time in your life, I think everyone should be photographed when pregnant. Yes I know you probably don't feel great or beautiful but believe me when I say you are! You are growing a brand new person. For a moment he or she will be the youngest person on the entire earth. You are carrying the future.

Bailey answered one of my calls for pregnant models and thank goodness she did because we got some gorgeous images of her and her beautiful bump! One of her images was awarded a highly commended award by The National Photography Society this month.

After our session Bailey shared one of her images on her instagram ( @bongobillbailey ) and has kindly allowed me to share what she wrote. So many ladies struggle with their pregnant bodies, I know I did. Just know you are beautiful.

" Before I had Winter I had heard things like 'you'll snap back into shape', 'you're all bump', 'you'll get back to where you were no problem' (this was a size 8-10, no real body issues other than my shoulder blades sticking out!) The reality is, I had Winter and was left with a body I didn't recognise and I certainly didn't like. Acute back pain, stretch marks across my abdomen (an area before where I had a 6 pack to be proud of), small boobs and all round low body confidence. I was almost glad when I fell pregnant this second time around because I thought 'this is a good excuse not to have a thin body, no-one will care about my mum tum now'. . What makes me really sad is that I still don't look at my body and think 'wow, you brought Winter into the world and are now growing her little brother or sister.' I still worry what my husband thinks when I'm naked in front of him and what my stomach will look like after this baby comes out. What I do know is that I am my harshest critic and only when I choose to look at my body in the mirror and feel proud of what it has been through, can I truly be content with my body again. . Thank you @1st4memories for empowering me to talk about my pregnant (and post-pregnancy) body."

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Thank you bailey for allowing me to photograph you and being open enough to trust my vision.

Forever grateful




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