• Rachel Burton

Newborn: Expectation vs Reality

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had all these big ideas of what my life was going to be like when my little human arrived in the world. In my head I had planned what I would and what I wouldn’t do....

The reality was A LOT different ha ha.

Was I naïve? Absolutely!

Those rose-tinted glasses were well and truly smashed once she arrived …eventually arrived! 2 weeks of slow labour was not in my birth plan. Those first days all merged into one with the lack of sleep and even when she was asleep, I found myself just staring at her…watching her sleep…when I could have been asleep.

Here’s a few other expectations, met with their reality.

Feel free to add your own in the comments 😊

I have a birth plan… I can do this!...

Babies do not care about birth plans! The main aim of the game is to do whatever it takes to get your baby in your arms, healthy and happy. In an ideal world, yes labour and delivery would follow your plan to the T....but in 99% of cases it takes its own path and you have to go with it <3

I’ll sleep when baby sleeps...

You will probably hardly sleep at all for the first few months. not because newborn don't sleep, mostly because you spend that time cleaning up, staring at them, doing a wash or even god willing having 5 minutes to jump in the shower in peace.

I’ll just pop out...

You won’t be popping anywhere. Taking a baby out is like packing for mission impossible, not forgetting the ‘just in case’ stuff too. Quick tip...I always packed the nappy bag before I went to bed. The usual stuff, nappies, wipes, change of clothes, purse, keys etc. Then I didn't have to think about trying to find everything while juggling the baby in a morning before I had to do the school runs.

I won’t use a dummy...

10 minutes peace is worth just about anything after no sleep for days.

Breastfeeding will come naturally...

Breastfeeding is hard! So many things about breastfeeding are really hard. As your midwife for help if you need it, or find a local group? Don’t feel bad! If baby is fed that is the main thing.

You’ll love having a baby…all the time...

Wrong… but it's ok! You’ll cry, be frustrated, be tired and at some point, you will just want someone to take the baby, so you can have a wee in peace. BUT IT'S OK!

Hopefully in reading this blog, I’ve helped you realize you aren’t alone or crazy and you shouldn’t feel guilty for struggling with the reality of motherhood.

It doesn’t get easier either…. you just learn to adapt and embrace the change and madness your little one brings along with it.

Enjoy the ride!




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