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8 Questions you should ask your newborn photographer

We both want to get the best possible pictures out of your newborn photo session while making it a great experience for both you and your baby. In order to make the most of your newborn session it’s useful to have all the key information about your photographer, the way they work, and what you need to do for a successful shoot. Asking these important questions will make it easier and less stressful to achieve a successful shoot. Here are the top 8 questions I get asked when people are booking a newborn session with me at 1st 4 Memories Photography.

1. When should I book my newborn session?

Ideally, you should book your session in as early as possible. I take bookings anytime from your 20 weeks scan. However, I only take 2 newborn session booking per week so to guarantee your session it is best to book in early. Sometimes I have last minute sessions available but its not always a guarantee.

2. How should I notify you that my baby has been born?

We will schedule your newborn photo session based on an anticipated due date. Normally 7 days after your due date. Babies, however, typically arrive in their own time: sometimes later than anticipated, sometimes earlier than expected. We may need to adjust your photo session to get your pictures while your baby is in that ideal window. This is the main reason I only take 2 newborn sessions per week so I know I have the flexibility depending on when your baby makes their big arrival. I will check in with you around your due date to check if we need to move your session date and then you can just let me know when your little one arrives along with their name, gender and weight.

3. Can we use this prop/pose?

Do you have a special prop that you’d like to use as part of your newborn photo session? It’s important to run it by your newborn photographer ahead of time. While special hats or blankets are unlikely to pose any problems, larger props may create bigger problems: they may be unsafe for baby, If you have special items you would like to use please do let me know ahead of time so I have time to think about how to integrate them. If there’s a specific prop you’d like to use like a bucket rather than a basket etc please do let me know that ahead of time so I can plan and design your session accordingly.

Is there a pose that you absolutely adore and would really like me to try and achieve with your newborn? whether it’s something that you’ve seen on Pinterest or a pose you found as you browsed through my galleries? Make sure you mention it prior to the session. While we want to leave plenty of room for creative freedom on the day of the shoot. It really helps if you let me know about any poses you’ve fallen in love with.

4. How much time should I expect for my session?

You don’t want to be rushed during your newborn photo session. If the session goes smoothly, it may not take as long as some, but with newborns, things rarely go exactly according to plan! My newborn sessions are purely baby led. This means I always allow extra time for feeding, changing and just about as many cuddles as I can get! Ensuring your baby is happy and settled is always a priority and means we can get beautiful images of your baby relaxed and comfortable.

5. How involved do you want Mum and Dad to be?

A newborn photo session is definitely not a time for you to be stressed and you are hiring me to provide you with beautiful images of your new baby with as little amount of stress as possible to you. No new parent ever asked for more work! I plan and design your session, settle your baby, pose and photograph them. The only thing that is required of you mum is feeding your little one (especially if you are breastfeeding, I can’t do that for you ha ha).

If we are posing baby in a position which requires a composite (multiple images in which the baby is held for safety reasons and digitally edited together later to give the illusion baby is posed solo) you may be required to hold the baby (don’t worry, I will explain the process and where you need to place hands). My aim is to always provide a stress free and relaxed session for you to enjoy.

6. How do you handle uncooperative little ones?

Generally, we’ll get plenty of gorgeous photos of your newborn session regardless of your baby’s mood. Babies and mums alike, however, sometimes health concerns and general newborn conditions can influence the session. Ideally your baby will have a full belly and be sleepy but if your newborns are anything like mine they do not always follow our rules ha-ha. I can capture beautiful images of your little one even if they are awake the whole session. Sometimes I prefer these as you get to document those beautiful brand-new eyes watching the world! If your baby has any health issues from birth, please do let me know these ahead of time so I can plan the poses accordingly. Some babies just want to be cuddled constantly and this is where my swaddling techniques become even more important during a session. Wrapping a fussy baby really helps settle them. Failing this…. we just wait. We wait until baby is ready and then work fast when they are.

7. How will you keep my little one safe?

Safety is so important when it comes to your precious little one. My number one priority as your newborn photographer is keeping your baby as safe as possible. I know that fear of being a new parent and handing your baby over to someone you do not know! Please know I treat every newborn I photograph as if I was photographing my own. I am trained to know how to achieve the poses with babies SAFELY. Your baby will never be put in a position that is unsafe or left in a position they are not comfortable in. I have trained in Newborn photography, safety, posing and wrapping. If at any point your baby becomes uncomfortable, we will stop and either readjust the pose or move on to another. Props are always checked for suitability for posing when deciding which props I purchase and regularly checked for cracks or chips.

8. When should I expect to get my pictures back?

As the parent of a newborn, you have more than enough on your plate without needing to check constantly to see whether your pictures are done. Your images generally will be available to view at your viewing session which we normally book in for 10-14 days after your photo session. I am impatient. I want you to view your images and have them within a reasonable timeframe. Your little one will change so quickly. I really love that people get the images before they change too much!

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